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If you decide to entrust us with your home, we guarantee that our roofing contractors will use the utmost precision to install your roof, while taking 100% accountability for the job. We are not a middleman who will simply outsource the job to inexperienced workers and various suppliers. Instead, we will rely solely on our own roofers and products, which have the highest standards in the industry today. We pride ourselves on our company’s self-reliance, which allows us to provide our valued customers with a personal touch.

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Our company is licensed and insured, and we give affordable solutions to your roof’s need by our trained staff. With a purchase of every roof, you will receive free gutters clean up and a 4 Star or similar premium manufacture warranty. Our quality workers have been put through extensive training to keep up with the latest industry standards and trends. If you are looking to replace your roof or in need of roof repair , give Mr.Roof a call for a free no hassle estimate. We will carefully assess your roof and present you with numerous options and styles of shingles to choose from. We are more than happy to address your questions and concerns. We are dedicated to being your local roofing company for years to come.

High-quality roofing is indispensable for people, who care for their safety and comfort. In case the person has a good roof over his head, he can relax assured that his family or property is fully protected.

Mr. Roof is aiming to become that optimum solution for your house that you need. We are known to give our clients the most dependable roofing, which is located in Attleboro, Providence.

The only way to guarantee that your place will be able to bear against the force of nature is to project a roofing structure consisting of high-grade components, set to the correct specifications by experienced roofing contractors. We can assure that you also obtain recommendations that will help your roofing to last.

Our primary concern is to afford customers quality-adjusted prices. Furthermore, we use careful paperwork, only the most modern roofing supplies, and groundbreaking design.

Working in cooperation with us, licensed company, the customer gets the opportunity to cope with all roofing repairs as promptly as he can imagine. Our team of specialized professionals is joining the forces to put into practice those roofing dreams which you possess. Attleboro, Providence, Warwick, Cranston , Riverside.

Mr. Roof`s staff would be glad to become the part of your renewed life in the place which will definitely bring you happiness!
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Roof Leads Providence

Griffith Roofing ProvidenceBuilding a roof in Providence. What to know before you start. A roof is the most important part of any house. It protects the building from the effects of atmospheric precipitation, removes rain and thawed water, and also serves as an acoustic and thermal barrier.

The roof construction in Providence is a very important stage since a minor error in the installation can subsequently develop into expensive repairs. To avoid this, it is necessary to create a house project in advance and perform all the roof works in Providence by involving only professional specialists.

When building or repairing a house any owner chooses among different roofing materials. In the market, they all are presented in abundance and each manufacturer assures that his goods are the best. But which one to choose better and not to regret this choice in the future? Let’s consider the main types of roofing materials for building a roof in Providence and compare their advantages and disadvantages.

Griffith Roofing Providence

Sheet roofing. When performing roof repair in Providence or construction of a new house, it is extremely important to make the right choice and to use the high-quality roofing material suitable to your house.

The main advantages of sheet roofing materials are the ease of installation and, consequently, relatively inexpensive cost of roof contractor work in Providence. However, the flip side of the coin is that sheets can’t be used for facing roofs of complex configuration. For example, for roofs with turrets, a large amount of waste remains during installation. Among the most commonly used types of modern sheet roofing materials are:

  1. Metal tiles. Tile roofs in Providence are quite popular because of their beautiful appearance and top-notch features. These sheets are made of galvanized steel with a two-sided polymer coating, the pattern and surface relief of which imitate natural tiles. This material can be stacked even on top of the old roof. The service life of the metal roofing is about 15 years. The major advantages of this material are the simplicity of installation, mechanical strength, fire safety, relatively low cost, and a wide range of colors and textures of the polymer coating. The main disadvantage of the metal tile is the almost complete absence of noise insulation. Despite the simplicity of its installation, it is highly recommended to use services of experienced specialists for roof tiling in Providence.
  2. Profiled sheeting. This roof sheeting in Providence consists of corrugated steel sheets with a color coating or galvanizing. Their profile can be different. Sheets are easily mounted on the crate and are connected with each other. Advantages of the material are the same as for the metal tile: strength, lightweight, and affordable cost. Among the shortcomings, in addition to the absence of noise insulation, low decorative qualities should be mentioned.
  3. Seam roof. The seam is a special type of latching joints of metal elements, from which this type of roof is made. Fastening is carried out not by nails but by special bends at the edges of the sheet. The technology of the seam roof mounting is quite complicated, so in order to perform such roofing repairs in Providence, you should ask for the professional help. The roof of this type is very reliable and durable, is suitable for all types of roofs, and looks aesthetically. Moreover, with the seam roof, you will be able to eliminate roof leaks in your house in Providence. Among the disadvantages of this roof are low noise insulation and high thermal and electrical conductivity.

Roofing single-piece materials. This type of roofing materials includes separate small elements that, when docked, form a roofing sheet. These materials are the best choice for roofs of non-standard configurations. In addition to this, when facing a house with piece material, there is practically no waste.

  1. Ceramic tiles. The tiles are made of clay by molding and high-temperature firing. In this case, the material acquires unique properties the main of which is durability (service life of this material is up to 150 years). Ceramic tile is resistant to temperature changes, atmospheric influences, fireproof, provides excellent noise insulation, and has low thermal conductivity. The disadvantages of this tile are only two but they are significant: a large weight, requiring a powerful rafter system, and a comparably high price.
  2. Soft bitumen shingles. This is a glass canvas base with a double-sided bitumen coating of improved heat resistance. On the outer surface, a layer of basalt granulate is applied, which gives a similarity to natural tiles. This material is very lightweight, resistant to weathering, fungus, chemical agents, provides excellent heat and noise insulation, moisture protection, withstands wind loads and temperature fluctuations. While constructing the roofing with bitumen tiles, there is almost no waste.

Building a Roof Providence

Building a Roof ProvidenceChoosing professionals. We have already mentioned that it’s extremely important to use the help of experienced specialists to get the desired result for many years. But how to choose the company? Among the roof lead in Providence are several companies which quality of work is proven over the years. However, you should choose one of the young developing companies as well and get the same excellent result. The main thing here is to read reviews from the clients and check the overall company’s rating. So, whether to choose Griffith roofing, Raleigh roofing in Providence or maybe another company, it absolutely up to you. Just remember that the real professionals will answer all your questions, offer the best options, and perform their work at the highest level.

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