Cash May not Be Your Best Option

Funds to pay for home improvement projects may come from your savings, tax rebates, bonuses, or some other source. But that trend is changing. Savvy homeowners are realizing that unsecured loans (like those from EnerBank) are easier to get, are faster to process, and reduce exposure to financial risk.

Here are some of the reasons EnerBank’s unsecured home improvement loans make sense:
No waiting. Get the entire project you want completed now the way you want it, instead of waiting to save up the cash.
Flexibility. Styles, prices, and models change frequently. Avoid product and other changes by completing your entire project now instead of in stages.
Unbeatable payment options. More ways to pay for your home improvement project. Ask your contractor about all your choices.
Financial flexibility. If your circumstances change, you may need cash reserves as a back-up plan for life’s necessities.

All details will be provided by customer request at the Estimate point by our sales person. All process usually take about 10 min. We receive the final payment from the bank after your email authorization. All paperwork is handled through automated online system. Please call us at 508-342-5373 for more details or fill RED form above for free Estimate.


How long does the approval process take?
Most loans are approved over the phone in minutes with contractor at your house.

What is EnerBank’s credit approval rate?
About 80% of our loan applications are approved.

How long is my credit commitment good for?
Good for 120 days from application date.

What is an unsecured loan?
An unsecured loan means there is no collateral or lien on your house.

Is there a penalty for paying off my loan early?
No, there is no penalty.

What types of home improvements qualify?
Many interior and exterior home improvements qualify.

Totally unsecured?
Your home is not used as collateral, so there’s no lien on your property.

Fixed APRs?
Fixed interest rate locked in for the life of your loan.

Information Protected?
Your personal information is given directly to the bank.

*For project more then 20 000$ only

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