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Please choose the house style that fits yours best. For example: 1/4 of your roof has 1 story (house addition, sunroom or breezeway) and the rest 2 story (main roof). This is Only for livable house areas (that counts toward house sq/f) , not including garage or any outside roofed porches (like screen porch). If you believe that entire roof is in one level choose option "One".

Now, is there is any outside screen porches or above the deck roof extensions that don’t count towards the house square foot area.

Approximately what the square footage of the floor area. (Usually 200-400).


Any B-Windows or bump outs that needs to be roofed?

How many?


Chimney flashing?

Do you have skylights?

Do you want to replace them?

How many skylights you have?

What kind?

How many skylights you have?

Is there more skyligts that are different kind?

Do you want to replace gutters?

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Strip current roof and install new “GAF “Certainteed roofing system with lifetime warranty.

  • - Protect the house with tarps and plywood if needed to avoid any damage by the falling debris.

  • - Strip all roofing materials and dispose to dumpster or company trailer.

  • - Inspect wood for any water or any other damage, repair as needed.

  • - Provide up to 32f of ledger wood replacement or 1 plywood free of charge. Any wood above that amount should be priced at 65$ per plywood or 4$ per linear foot for wood.

  • - Install pre-painted aluminum drip edge along the entire roof perimeter.

  • - Install 6f of Ice@Water shield on the bottom of the roof and 18 inches at the rakes.

  • - Cover the remaining of the roof deck area with synthetic underlayment.

  • - Install starter strip under the first shingle course.

  • - Install chosen shingle by manufacturer recommendation and requirements.

  • - Use galvanized, corrosion -resistance roofing nails.

  • - Replace all pipe boot flashings.

  • - Remove existing chimney flashing, cut in ¾ inch in to the brick and install new chimney flashing, seal brick cuts with cement-based silicone.

  • - Replace existing or Cut-In and install new ridge vent.

  • - Replace existing gutters with new ones, color to choose.

  • - Replace existing skylight. Reflash existing skylight.

  • - Complete clean-up and removal of all debris, including use of a magnetic roller to pick up nails.

  • - Provide 10 year Mr.Roof.Inc warranty and Standard pro-rated manufacture warranty 50 year non-prorated manufacture warranty 50 year non/prorated material and 25 workmanship warranty that includes material, labor and removal.


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      Cost Replace Roof Providence

      Replacing Roof Cost ProvidenceHow much does it cost to replace the roof in Providence? Pros and cons of roofing materials. When planning the construction of a house, special attention should be paid to the choice of roofing. We all want it to be excellent in quality, durability, and affordability. Can such combination of requirements be real? Yes, it can but you should carefully think through all the moments of replacing a roof cost in Providence prior to making a final decision. A variety of roofing materials can confound anyone. In such situations, a thorough analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of the roof material as well as the roofing repair costs in Providence will help to make a choice.

      Metal tile. So, how much does it cost to repair a roof in Providence? Each specialist will ask you about the material you want to use and advice you to choose the metal tile. Nowadays it is the most popular material for roofing. Let’s see why.


      • One of the lowest roofing costs in Providence and the availability of material in stores;
      • simplicity and ease of installation;
      • environmental friendliness- due to the fact that the metal tile is made of steel;
      • long service life – more than 20 years;
      • wide choice of colors.

      How much?

      The cost of a roof in Providence depends on many factors such as the cost of the material ($6-13 per sq. m.), the cost of installation works (50-100% of the cost of the material), the cost of additional work and materials.

      For more accurate calculation of the cost, you should use our roofing cost calculator in Providence.

      On average, metal roofing will cost:

      • for a small house (about 100 sq. m.) – up to $1000;
      • for a house of average size (about 200 sq. m.) – $1200-2000;
      • for a large house (about 300 sq. m.) – $2000-3000.

      Replacing Roof Cost Providence

      Cost Replace Roof ProvidenceSoft tile. When comparing the replacing roof cost in Providence consider soft tile. This material is often chosen to perform difficult-to-construct roofs.


      • ease of installation;
      • a huge variety of colors of the material;
      • minimum waste during installation;
      • ecological compatibility;
      • noiselessness;
      • durability (more than 30 years of operation);
      • minimization of risks when buying due to the complexity of manufacturing the material and the impossibility of its forgery.

      How much?

      Given that the cost of soft tile is $7-17 per square meter and roofing works cost $6-40 per square meter, such roof cost in Providence will be:

      • for a small house (about 100 sq. m.) – $1000-4000;
      • for a house of average size (about 200 sq. m.) – $1200-8000;
      • for a large house (about 300 sq. m.) – $1800-12000.

      Corrugated bitumen sheets. When checking the cost to roof a house in Providence many people stop their choice on the corrugated bitumen sheets. Among the advantages of this material are the following:

      • low cost;
      • the simplicity of installation;
      • ease of transportation;
      • noiselessness;
      • unusual shades of material;
      • ecological compatibility;
      • long service life (not less than 15 years);
      • the cheapness of additional elements;
      • transparency of the market – the lack of risk to buy a fake.

      How much?

      The cost of the material ranges from $ 9-12 per sheet, works on the roof with bituminous sheets are $4-5. The general cost to replace a roof in Providence with this material will be:

      • for a small house (about 100 sq. m.) – $800;
      • for a house of average size (about 200 sq. m.) – $1000;
      • for a large house (about 300 sq. m.) – $1200.

      The cost of the roof directly depends on the material from which it is made. To date, you can compare a wide variety of the roofing materials and choose the one that will suit your requirements about the price and characteristics. Roofing from corrugated bitumen sheets is the cheapest nowadays but this material has the shortest lifetime. Also, note that the cost of roofing works varies greatly from one company to another.

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